Landscaping Ideas for Those Who Love Their Garden

Love your garden but want to liven up the landscaping? It seems like a daunting task, but when done well and done thoughtfully, conforming the yard to the garden (instead of conforming the garden to the yard) will give your property fantastic character. Here are a few garden landscaping ideas to get you on the right path toward having a garden that is the talk of the town.

Garden Path


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Container Gardening Ideas You’ll Love

Container gardening is a modern, convenient and fun way to grow your favorite plants. With containers, your garden is portable, requires less water to thrive, and the soil remains perfect. And the containers don’t have to be conventional in any way! Here are some fun and unique container gardening ideas that you’ll love.

Recycled Containers


Have you been storing away all those fancy metal containers over the years, not knowing what to do with them but not wanting to throw them away? Using them for potting plants will give your garden a very retro, Norman Rockwell vibe.

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Amazing Wedding Flower Ideas

One of the important aspects of giving your wedding the look you want is the flowers. They set the tone of the event, and reinforce the theme. Every bride wants her wedding to stand out from all the rest; the best way to do that is with the décor and accents. Here are some amazing, unique, and unconventional flower ideas to make your most important day the most beautiful one.


Paper Flowers


Whether it’s for your bouquet or your centerpiece displays, paper flowers are a great way to make your wedding pop. They won’t die or wilt (so you can keep them forever), and they add a chic, boho feel. Pair them with Queen Anne’s Lace (or better yet, real lace) for a look nobody will forget.

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