Amazing Wedding Flower Ideas

One of the important aspects of giving your wedding the look you want is the flowers. They set the tone of the event, and reinforce the theme. Every bride wants her wedding to stand out from all the rest; the best way to do that is with the décor and accents. Here are some amazing, unique, and unconventional flower ideas to make your most important day the most beautiful one.


Paper Flowers


Whether it’s for your bouquet or your centerpiece displays, paper flowers are a great way to make your wedding pop. They won’t die or wilt (so you can keep them forever), and they add a chic, boho feel. Pair them with Queen Anne’s Lace (or better yet, real lace) for a look nobody will forget.

Brooch Bouquets


Repurposing lots of brooches turns an ordinary centerpiece into a bejeweled spectacle, giving the look of royalty and riches to the table.

Glamelia Roses


These giant roses make incredible bouquets. You only need one to complete them, so arrangements are unnecessary. Everyone loves roses, but your guests will be nothing short of captivated by Glamelia roses.

Feathery Florals


Add a spunky and exotic flair to your florals by pairing them with feathers for an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind look.

Fruit Accents


What better way to add life and warmth to your displays than by adding fruit? Fruit is a beautiful mark of celebration, used by various cultures throughout the ages to symbolize wealth and abundance. This is a fun and unique way to say the same of your new union.

Moss Greenery


Add a touch of magic to your tables by using moss as runners instead of the traditional cloth variety. If you’re dining outside, make your guests feel like they are in an enchanted dream forest with this untraditional but captivating table option.