Container Gardening Ideas You’ll Love

Container gardening is a modern, convenient and fun way to grow your favorite plants. With containers, your garden is portable, requires less water to thrive, and the soil remains perfect. And the containers don’t have to be conventional in any way! Here are some fun and unique container gardening ideas that you’ll love.

Recycled Containers


Have you been storing away all those fancy metal containers over the years, not knowing what to do with them but not wanting to throw them away? Using them for potting plants will give your garden a very retro, Norman Rockwell vibe.



Use baskets which you can either hang up or leave on the ground for a garden which will leave visitors feeling like they’ve just stepped into the impressionistic world of an Edgar Degas painting.

Travelling Garden


If you love traveling, why not give your garden a theme which speaks to your personality? Repurpose old suitcases and travelling containers into funky, one-of-a-kind plant holders.

Flora and Fauna


What better way to marry the idea of flora and fauna than by using bird cages and bird houses to home your favorite plants? This is an adorable way to turn your conventional garden into a backyard fairy tale.

Kitchen Garden


Use cupcake tins, old pots, percolators and other cooking items for garden containers to give your floral artwork a vintage look. Go the extra mile and pot your herbs this way to bring your garden into your kitchen, and your kitchen into your garden.

Purse Garden


Use your old purses or buy some at a second hand store and give your garden a fashionista feel by turning handbags into adorable hanging pots.

Boots and Shoes


This is an amazing way to add to the fashionista vibe and give your garden a totally authentic and modern look that will stop people in their tracks!