Landscaping Ideas for Those Who Love Their Garden

Love your garden but want to liven up the landscaping? It seems like a daunting task, but when done well and done thoughtfully, conforming the yard to the garden (instead of conforming the garden to the yard) will give your property fantastic character. Here are a few garden landscaping ideas to get you on the right path toward having a garden that is the talk of the town.

Garden Path


A lot of garden landscaping centers around a pathway leading to and around the garden. A simple path like this one keeps the visitor’s focus just where it needs to be at all times.

Dry Stream Bed


Make your groomed, landscaped garden take on an air of wildness when you craft up a dry creek bed. Take guests into an enchanted fantasy and make them feel like they’ve just walked into a wild mountain forest when you incorporate a bed like this into your garden.

Combine the Two


Let the garden path meet the dry stream bed when you combine the two ideas. Building a small footbridge like the one pictured here is a great way to remind the visitor that they’re supposed to feel like they are walking through what was once water.



Take the same concept a step further into the wild realm by opting for less symmetry and a more authentic mountain trail look. Let your plants grow wild, without too much grooming, and let your guests wonder whether it was constructed by you or by nature.



Go in the opposite direction from wild and give your garden a more modern and contemporary look by incorporating some symmetry and straight lines into the landscaping. This gives a neat, clean finish to the constant work you do, and leaves people feeling very calmed.



A minimalist garden helps soothe an anxious spirit and bring calm to all who enter it. Organization and neatness help the mind relax. So, help people along their path to that state of mind by making your garden beautiful and elegant while at the same time remaining uncomplicated and classy.

Creative Clusters


Bunch similarly shaped plants together, then separate the various groups of shapes with stone dividers. Perhaps you can make the stone dividers into a small staircase, leading it to a fountain (or whatever the central point of your garden may be).